Rural Consultancy

Land & Estate Management

In this fast changing rural world we provide a bespoke service which deals with all land management functions in as efficient and cost effective a manner as possible. We advise on management process, structure and strategy.

We work in a varied number of ways with our clients.  Our involvement ranges from weekly management visits to quarterly visits to estate management and trustees meetings. Our service often involves bringing in the services of other disciplines such as farm management, cottage lettings, advice and management of building conversions, diversification, new farm tenancies and joint ventures and advice on estate ownership structure and future tax liability.

Operating throughout Southern England and beyond, our clients range from residential farms and houses with land to large landholdings with mixed portfolios of agricultural, residential and commercial property.

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Farm Management

We offer a bespoke farm management service ranging from annual visits to reviewing farm performance to being responsible for the day to day activities on the farm. This includes reviewing farming structure and establishing the best fit in each circumstance, including, where appropriate, setting up joint venture and tenancy arrangements.

Our scope of advice includes crop and stock planning and management, staff management, cost control, purchasing of inputs and machinery and sales of crops and stock.

A number of our team are responsible for the management of their own farms which enhances our credibility and ensures we can always offer practical advice. We also rely on our wider disciplines to ensure farming strategy remains sympathetic to the challenges and opportunities prevailing in the wider rural economy.

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Estate Administration

We have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified estate administrators. An excellent estate administrator is a key element of a successful, efficient and cost effective estate management structure. Using our in-house management software we can tailor the management package in relation to both format and frequency of reporting.

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Tenancies and Licences

We advise rural landlords and tenants on their tenancies and other land occupation agreements. Predominantly these fall into three categories: tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986, those governed by the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 and grazing and cropping licences.

We often help clients with, setting up new agreements, rent reviews, the end of tenancies (and with older tenancies succession of a new tenant) and notices to quit and notices to remedy during an ongoing agreement.

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Joint Ventures

Economies of scale and technological advances mean that joint venture farming is an option for progressive farmers. The involvement of an external specialist farmer can take a variety of formats, be it management agreement, contract farming agreement, share farming agreement or partnership.

Our service includes setting up the agreement between the parties and, where required, providing ongoing management, client accounting and reporting on the arrangement.

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    We provide the following valuation services:

    Bank loan and finance
    Formal valuation for probate

    Formal valuation for internal and company asset transfer
    Formal valuation for capital gains tax
    Valuation calculator for assessing and monitoring liability for inheritance and other taxes
    Market appraisal
    Valuation of live and dead stock
    Stocktaking valuations

    We are appointed agents for the AMC and are panel valuers for most of the major banks providing rural finance.  All of our valuation team are RICS Registered Valuers and we combine our in depth local knowledge with rigorous professional standards to produce accurate and informative valuations.

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    Development Land Consultancy

    With our clients' land being predominantly in central southern England, we advise on large areas of land on the urban fringe. Our clients often seek our advice on how best to promote their land for development.

    We regularly help clients in choosing a party to help them promote their land and on the most suitable terms for an option agreement, promotion agreement or, commonly now, a hybrid of these. We also advise clients on the sale of land for development and the type of agreement.

    Often our detailed local knowledge means we can advise clients on the most likely option or promotion partners – be it a major national/regional promoter or a more local house builder. We can also advise on recent transactions in the market and other land in the vicinity which may be competing or complementary.

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    Building Conversion

    Redundant buildings can be converted into residential accommodation, offices or buildings for light industrial use providing the owner with a valuable source of rental income or capital from a sale.

    Planning regulations in relation to redundant buildings have been significantly relaxed. We have in-house specialists in planning and design, valuations, cost of conversion and likely income of such proposals and their viability. We can then let or sell the resultant buildings for our clients.

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    We advise on diversification and manage projects for clients from planning to delivery. This often involves working in tandem with our Design & Planning team. We also offer services in connection with grant claims, finance sources, diversification partners and rating advice.

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    Grant Schemes

    We regularly compile, submit and manage rural grant claims for our clients for schemes such as environmental stewardship and basic payment scheme. We also advise clients where issues arise mid claim.

    We regularly review new grant schemes and identify when these can be of benefit to our clients.

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    Green Space Mitigation

    Increasingly, local planning authority development plans include measures to mitigate the damage the number of people living in an area can cause to important habitat sites such as National Parks and Special Protection Areas.

    Developers in these areas need to identify land they can bring forward as part of a development scheme which can be used as Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) land or other forms of greenspace mitigation. For landowners this can represent an uplift in the value of land that might otherwise be viewed as stagnant in terms of future development potential. We advise clients on the terms for such arrangements.

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    The starting point for most projects is an accurate and up to date map. We view this as a vital component for our work - all our digital mapping is carried out in house.

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    Mineral Extraction and Waste Tipping

    We advise clients on extraction of sand, gravel and stone as well as tipping agreements. This includes setting up agreements for such extraction and achieving the best returns possible.

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    Renewable Energy

    Technological advances and subsidy support regimes are fast moving in this sector. We advise clients on photovoltaic solar, wind, hydro-electric, biomass and ground source heat systems. We are involved with significant gas to grid anaerobic digester schemes and combined heat and power schemes.

    Our services range from initial feasibility studies through to appointment of contractors and post installation advice. For landowners wanting to lease land to renewable energy businesses we have excellent expertise in advising on options, leases and joint ventures. 

    We work closely with major national operators and local providers of renewable energy systems.

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    Rights of Way and Public Access

    The south is an area of relatively dense population in proximity to open countryside. As a result, there is always pressure on public access to land. Whether managing development land to prevent public access or defending residential property owners from new rights of way, we have a broad spectrum of expertise.

    Most County Councils have a programme of reviewing both existing and “lost” rights of way and will deal with applications by the public to open, upgrade, create or divert rights of way. National legislation allows communities to register land as common land, an asset of community value or a village green.  Access to the coast is a new threat. 

    We advise clients who are affected by such access issues and also on strategies to prevent future designations.

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    Many of our clients have well established shoots, game fishing and stalking rights on their land. We help clients maximise the sporting potential of their estates and regularly put in place agreements for the letting of sporting rights with third parties.

    Through our sister company, The Sporting Agency we can provide specialist shooting and fishing management and lettings. 

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    Wayleaves and Communications

    We advise clients on new and existing wayleave arrangements and telecommunication leases. We deal with the terms of any new proposal and rent reviews and other matters that arise during ongoing agreements.

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